Logitech’s Wireless Touchpad Is A Magic Trackpad For Windows

Logitech’s Wireless Touchpad Is A Magic Trackpad For Windows

You might be one of those people who find the old mouse and keyboard standbys inadequate. Quaint, even! Maybe you embrace touch as the future of computer interfaces. You might envy the Magic Trackpad, but lack a mac. Envy not!

The Logitech Wireless Touchpad doesn’t quite have the same pizazz in form or name, but looks like it could at least replicate some of the functionality of OS X’s stroke-able pad. At 5 inches across, it’s got pretty much the same surface area as its magic Apple brother and supports up to four fingers at a time, though lacks the Bluetooth beaming and, very frustratingly, OS X support. Why not throw it in there and give Apple some competition? Logitech’s mice are a hell of a lot better than anything Apple makes — it could very well be the same for this desk swiper too. [Logitech]


  • Logitech have a terrible history of Mac driver support, so it’s little wonder that they’ve given up trying to write drivers. Having said that a lot of their products work out of the box, you just can’t tweak any of the settings easily.

    • And their failure to support mac is the reason I will never buy a Logitech product again and I will recommend that others avoid Logitech products as well.

  • One of the problems that occurs if you’re running windows on your macbook, is that the two finger scrolling does infact scroll, but mac does liquid scrolling whereas microsoft is still archaic in scrolling in increments. Maybe there’ s a setting to change it, but it’s annoying for a trackpad. Fine for a mouse though.

    But in terms of which one looks better, the apple or the logitech one, I’m sorry to say but Apple looks far far better.

  • Logitech also have a wireless keyboard that has a built in 3.5″ multi-touch touchpad, was looking at it today in JB HiFi, would suit me as I use my keyboard from my lounge chairs most of the time. Was only $79.

    Why have Logitech shifted away from Bluetooth keyboards though

  • They better don’t add Mac support for this product or face the prospect of being slaughtered by Magic Trackpad. Price-wise it may be cheaper BUT:

    1. It was made by plastic vs Magic Trackpad aluminium-glass combo
    2. It doesn’t have “click” function. Mac OS user who uses the freeware BetterTouchTool knows that this click function can be very useful too.
    3. It supports only 4 fingers while Magic Trackpad supports 10. Or at least 10 since I run out of finger to test it. Not that you’re gonna need a 10-fingered gesture but number does matter here.
    4. No bluetooth support. This is crucial for USB-craving Macbook Pro 13″ and Macbook Air user who wants larger space than what their built-in trackpad offers (which is already quite generous in comparison to most other makers)

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