Need Directions? Ask A Pizza Place

If you haven't got a GPS, a petrol station can seem the obvious place to ask for directions. But for more reliable information, try a pizza place.

Photo by Calsidyrose.

Reddit user ohthatdave suggests that pizza places that deliver are the ideal places to go to get directions:

The drivers know the area better than anyone and they usually have a big honking map on the wall to show where they will and won't deliver too, so you can avoid driving through the sketchy parts of towns you don't know.

Also, pizza.

Don't forget to pay attention to ubiquitous cues to find your way around. But again: pizza. Sounds like a win-win.

LPT: If you ever need to stop and ask directions, skip the gas station and find a pizza delivery place. [Reddit]


    LOL - spot on advice! I was on the NSW Central Coast and couldn't find an address I had to be at. Went into a pizza place and 2 minutes later had accurate directions. And went back later for pizza!

      Easy directions for anywhere on the NSW Central Coast:
      1 - Get onto the F3
      2 - Drive north or south for at least an hour
      3 - you have successfully escaped the NSW Central Coast.


    I found when I was in Thailand and I needed directions I'd always go to a dive shop.

    They were almost always filled with Ex pats who lived there do communication was never an issue and they had good, local knowledge.

    Petrol stations are the worst place to for directions these days as most of the staff have only been in the country for a few months.

    Sounds like some editor had a good time on reddit today...

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