Hang Tricky Items With A Photocopied Template

Hang Tricky Items With A Photocopied Template

Hanging something like a surge protector is a pain to get right. If you happen to have a photocopier sitting around, American Woodworker suggests you simply copy the back of the object for a simple template.

This works great for anything you need to hang with a hidden slots on the back that need careful measurement. If you don’t happen to have a photocopier handy, a scanner (even a smartphone one) and a printer will do the trick as well. The photocopy template isn’t useful for everything, but it certainly comes in handy for those trickier items.

For everything else, it’s all about measuring and mounting. If you have a little more leeway in the space between drill holes, you can also use a strip of tape to accomplish the same task.

Photocopy Template [American Woodworker via Real Simple]


    • Which is why we shouldn’t use a smartphone scanner! Scanning to Computer and reprinting it also adds additional variables which may not translate to 100%!

  • Face palming myself hardcore right now, thinking about the hours I have lost measuring those mounting holes in milimetres . Thanks LH, will use this one in the future for sure.

  • I’ve used this trick for hinges and door handles on cupboards as well.

    IKEA handles are a nightmare to get perfect. So you just photocopy one of them then cut it out square and mark it all up on the sheet. Then you only need a centre mark on the door itself and you know where the holes will sit perfectly.

    I used to maksing tape the area of the door I was going to drill and mark it all out on the tape – but a photocopy is just so much easier.

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