Use Paper And Sticky Tape For Simple Cable Storage

Use Paper And Sticky Tape For Simple Cable Storage

We’ve featured some elaborate solutions for storing unused cables, ranging from headphone-style wrapping to toilet paper roll constructions. Reader Stuart points out that if you don’t have specialist ties, you can get good results with nothing more than paper and sticky tape.

Stuart explains the concept:

For a long time I’ve been using this idea; when you don’t have cable-ties or velcro, you can use a strip of paper and some sticky tape. By attaching the tape to the paper you don’t end up having sticky residue on the cables. Eco tip: use scrap paper from the photocopier if possible.

Potential advantage of this approach over rubber bands, the other obvious stationery option: they’re less likely to snap when they apply and you can control the tension more precisely, thereby minimising the risk of excessive pressure on the cables (a topic which often stresses Lifehacker commenters). Thanks Stuart!


  • An alternative to that would be backtaping. It especially works with electricians tape.

    1. Use the back of the tape for one turn around the cable.
    2. Twist the tape around so the sticky side is now facing the cable.
    3. Give the tape another wrap around the first wrap.

    Both sticky sides should be facing each other and the tape should be tight enough to secure the cables nicely…

  • When I’m in a rush, I just use plain sticky tape. One or two loops and it holds things together but tears easily when you want to get it loose.

    The downside: it sometimes leaves a sticky residue on a few patches of the cable, but it seems to depend a lot on the brand of sticky tape.

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