Find Your Phone When It's On Silent By Blasting Some Music

If you ever misplace your mobile phone nearby, you can always call yourself and follow the ringing. But what if the phone is on silent? Apartment Therapy notes this neat trick that might help: call the phone, then walk around your house with music playing.

The speakers on your music player (or speakers with long cords) may pick up the buzzing interference that happens when your mobile phone communicates to the mobile phone tower. Getting closer to your phone, you should hear louder and more interference so you can track down that silent phone's location.

And for those times when your phone isn't on silent, a white noise ringtone can make it easier to find.

How to Find Your Phone When It's on Silent [Apartment Therapy]


    This will only work if an EDGE or GSM connection is being made.

      I think the idea was that you'll hear the intensity of the music through the phone so you'll know you are close not the interference caused by the phone connecting.

        Ha well I read the article but not very well. You are correct. Apologies.

      Which makes it less useful since almost all phones have been 3G for a while.

      If you have an older phone or force your phone into 2G only for some reason, this could be useful...but gets annoying fast when you actually want to listen to music.

        All 3G phones I have owned have interfered with speakers when a signal is out going or coming in.

    Doesn't this only work if you're walking around with the speakers?

      Yes. That's why she says "walk around your house with music playing"

    Yes. That's why she says "walk around your house with music playing".

    May need to get fridge trolley out to try this.

    Hmm. I read this as "play house music".


    If it's not the interference (as said earlier. Does anyone in Australia still even use a 2G network anymore?), then wouldn't the phone have to be answered to hear anything through it?

    I haven't ever had my iPhone 4 induce that noise (generally the phone has to be very close to the speaker so it almost makes it redundant). I find the vibration noise very easy to hear, and in fact with Find My Phone (on iPhone), i can make it play a tone even when on silent, so its moot for iPhone users anyway (i presume android has something similar).

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