Dropbox Doubles Storage Space For Paid Users, Gives Friends 100GB Free Trials

Good news for Dropbox Pro users: starting today, you'll have twice the amount of storage space for the same cost. Instead of 50GB, you'll have 100GB to play with; instead of 100GB, it'll be 200GB of space. You also can send others a 100GB three-month trial for the online sharing and syncing service.

Dropbox announced the new plans on its blog, saying the pricing page will be updated later today. A new 500GB plan will also be offered for those who really need a lot of online storage space.

Of course, you don't have to pay to gain an awesome amount of space on Dropbox, but if you are a paid user or have been considering Dropbox versus other online storage alternatives, the price per gigabyte has just been halved (sweet!).

You can also get your friends and family hooked on the service with the three-month 100GB free trial (a saving of about $US30).

New Dropbox Pro Plans! [The Dropbox Blog via The Next Web]


    What about a cheaper account for around 20GB or 25GB for $5 per month? I left Dropbox because the 50GB for $10 plan was too expensive, and increasing the size to 100GB for the same price doesn't make any difference if you don't need much space.

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