Ninefold's Cloud Storage Is Affordable, Australian-Based

Yet another addition to the ever-growing cloud storage market: local cloud vendor Ninefold is offering its SMB Cloud Drive product with 150GB of storage for up to five users for $39.99 per month.

As a launch special, Ninefold has tripled the amount of data offered with the service, which is usually 50GB. With the added data, it's pretty competitive with rivals such as Dropbox, which charges $US19.99 a month for 100GB (and doesn't support multiple users in the same way).

Like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and similar services, the SMB Cloud Drive service lets you share and access files from a variety of devices. Uniquely amongst those offerings, it guarantees data will be hosted in Australia, which makes it more appealing for some business scenarios. If you're happy with what's available free this one's not for you, but for business users it could be very appealing.

Additional users are $11.99 a month, and additional 100GB storage blocks are $19.99 a month. There's a two-month trial option to test the service before signing up. The extra 100GB offer runs until May 31, 2012.



    I'm paying who how much? What reliability and service guarantee do I have?

    When providing a photo of their office that's presumably intended to convince customers that their company is a credible organisation that is going to be around for a long time hosting our data, they could at least tidy up the office behind the glass window so that the messy papers don't show up in the PR photo.

      Not a PR shot -- I took it myself as part of a featured workspace post.

        Out of interest - do you declare if you have any interest or were paid for posts?

          Yes I would also like some transparency

    Table stacked in corner. Seems legit.

      I have seen a few questionable posts about this company on here in the past, i DEFIANTLY think there is something going on.

      My comments from before -

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