Dealhacker: JB Hi-Fi Friends And Family Sale

On Wednesday night (July 25) from 6pm until 9pm, JB Hi-Fi is having one of its regular 'Friends & Family' sales. Despite the label, anyone can hit a JB Hi-Fi outlet for the sale.

The standout bargains are 20 per cent off DVDs, Blu-rays and CDS (plus iTunes cards), 15 per cent off TVs, 40 per cent off Targus laptop bags, and the familiar 10 per cent off Macs deal. Sale is online too if you can't reach a store.

JB Hi-Fi [via OzBargain]


    Not June 25 I reckon?

      Correct! Slapping myself with pineapple husks right now.

    Considering I'm still waiting after 5 months for a webcam, I don't think I'll be partaking in this sale :P

      Your online sex shows are really suffering aren't they dude? I'd be claiming losses if I were you!

        I do what I can to please the patrons.

          Hey we ain't complaining!

    How do we know that prices haven't been jacked up by 20% before this sale?

      I caught my local JB HIFI jacking up the price on one of these sales. I bought a DVD in the morning and went back later that night for the sale, the same DVD was the exact same price after taking the 20% discount. Luckily i had the receipt in my wallet from earlier that day, so when i complained about there price jacking the offered 50% off all my purchase to keep my mouth shut.


        Agreed - have found DVDs cheaper at full price at other physical shops than on 'sale' at JB. Disingenuous discounting.

        They weren't "jacking up the prices" for the sale - DVD staff get price changes to action every week. It's all part of the cycle that allows new release/promotional pricing to happen :)

      I highly doubt that JB would have their staff go through and reprice every single DVD and CD for a 4 hour sale.

      You could log into the website now and get the prices for whatever items you are after.

    I don't usually shop at JB Hi-Fi. Are their regular prices the RRP like Harvey Norman, Myer, etc. or are they lower? If they're the RRP those prices aren't that great. You can always talk HN & Myer down by those amounts.

      Regular prices are cheaper than everyone else. The sales are usually awesome. Don't listen to the idiots up top.

        U mad?

      They're generally the cheapest i've found.

      My personal favourite was game of thrones season 1 @ David Jones for $200.

      Its more the range and the friendly service that get me.

      you could probably get cheaper though.

    10 % off Macs makes them just 30% overpriced. What a deal!

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