Learn Excel Keyboard Shortcuts With Cheat Sheets

Excel has handy keyboard shortcuts for everything from bulleted lists to text wrapping. The official Excel blog offers up PDF cheat sheets for the most common shortcuts, sorted into Control-triggered shortcuts, function keys and other oddities.

We've featured a similar and more comprehensive guide before, but the cheat sheets are a useful reference for the most common functions. What's your most-used Excel shortcut? Tell us in the comments. (For me, F2 to edit the current cell probably wins, followed by Ctrl-1 to format cells.)

Can’t remember all those Excel keyboard shortcuts? Now you don’t have to! [Excel Blog]


    Time to staple this to a few co-workers' foreheads.

    Well, I don't know if it's changed in Office 2007/2010, but the shortcut I use most isn't listed.

    I use F4 to cycle the cell references in a formula between relative / absolute / mixed more than anything else.

    Control + ; gives today's date in the cell

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