Where Are Australia's Cheapest Capital City Houses And Units?

If you live in one of Australia's major cities (we mostly do), it can seem impossible to find a house or unit that's affordable and a reasonable distance from the centre. But it can be done. Here are the five most affordable suburbs for houses and units located within 20 kilometres of the CBD in Australia's capital cities.

RP Data assembled this listing, which provides the median prices for houses priced under $450,000 and units priced under $350,000 in each capital city. Across the board, 34.8 per cent of suburbs within that 20 kilometre range and 73.6 per cent of units fall in those price brackets, so options are out there. This varies hugely by city, however.

In general, most of these suburbs are located more than 10 kilometres from the CBD. As the RP Data analysis points out, they also tend to be concentrated in particular council areas (Parramatta and Bankstown in Sydney, Hume and Brimbank in Melbourne, Salisbury and Port Adelaide in Adelaide, Swan and Gosnells in Perth; note that Brisbane has a city-wide council.)

We've placed the data in an interactive spreadsheet so you can sort it as you wish. Click on the column headers to sort or to filter out a specific subset; you can look only at Melbourne or only at units, for instance.

Clearly, pricing has to be placed in other contexts. Few of the locations listed here would qualify as the most desirable suburbs in their respective cities, and factors such as access to public transport and the cost of insurance need to be considered.

For a different perspective on buying property, check out this list of good locations for investors to buy. Got your own thoughts on the suburbs in this list, or other tips for good areas to buy? Share them in the comments.

RP Data [via Blog Commbank]

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    Living in Brisbane, I wouldn't want to live in any of those suburbs, most are bogan areas or terrible transport options to get to the city.

      Not all of them.

      The same can be said for Melbourne!

      Same for Perth. Unless you're in a gang. Then you might get a membership discount for living in Balga.

        Pretty rough areas indeed, though Wembley is not so bad, but the apartments there are nothing flash. Only appeal of Balga is the redeveloped areas if you want a cheap, brand new house (but you'll probably be neighbouring a HomesWest tenant or the likes).

      Same applies for Hobart - most on that list are considered both outer suburbs, and some of the roughest in Tasmania.

    I agree with Mars i am from SA and id rather not live in those suburbs, except maybe enfield and that unit would be very very small.

      I live in Adelaide. Just bought in Reynell East which is obviously next to reynella, just nicer. :)

      But there's no way I'd personally wanna live in Enfield or any of the other Adelaide suburbs mentioned, they are all way out North!

        I lived in Enfield for 10 yrs any never had any problems, it is really 2 suburbs in1 though with the side near regency road a public housing area ant other side being 90% private.

    Coolaroo! You could live next to Darryl Kerrigan!

    Living near the CBD is overrated really, unless you happen to work in the CBD.

    The "house" prices listed for Bellamack and Johnston in Darwin are land prices only. There are no houses available in Darwin (these suburbs are in the town of Palmerson anyway) at those prices.

    for melbourne all those suburbs are north or west of the cbd, which are areas known to be the cheaper for melbourne (west even more so than north) and not desired locations for most people. Of the northern areas, all but 1 suburb is around a 45 minute drive in normal traffic to the cbd. The western suburbs are a little over 35 minute drive in normal traffic.

    Some of the suburbs listed are not covered by the public train network, but the ones that are, are all zone 2 and are at least a 45 minute train ride to the cbd.

    Today's boganville can be tomorrow's thriving suburb.
    That said, none of it matters if the trains and buses aren't efficient enough to take you to places.

    I'm surprised that Auburn in Sydney in not on the list because you can buy an 1 bedroom apartment for less than 180k. The good thing about living in those suburb is that you'll get to learn Arabic/Lebanese as your second language easy!

      it'll be difficult to find pork meat tho...

    All the Darwin ones are in palmerston which for darwin people is considered far but then any place in darwin is expensive, like a million dollars for a nice property with a shit house near the city.

    Analysis should have included Queanbeyan!
    15km and 20 minutes from Canberra CBD but across the border in NSW.
    Median unit prices are around $240,000 and falling since last year.

    Usually, when I hear reports of stabbings, cars being torched and drug labs exploding, it's in one of the suburbs listed.... Do you think there's a connection?

    The Tassie suburbs are so ghetto. I don't care how cheap it is.. it isn't worth it!

    The report here is actually quite dated. It would be better to put it into storage and get a professional property agent to help you look at house prices or even an internet comparison site!

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