Use Kitchen Tongs To Grab Things From Your Hard-To-Reach Shelves

Pro basketball players aside, we all have one or two shelves in our kitchen that are just too tall to reach. Instead of grabbing a chair every time you need to get something from it, just use a pair of kitchen tongs.

Photo by Incase.

Obviously, you could just store your rarely used items on that shelf, but some of us don't have that much space and need to take advantage of every cupboard we have. I have a cupboard above my fridge I can never reach, and I always wish I had one of those robot claw toys.

It turns out most of us have the next best thing: a pair of long kitchen tongs. Put your easy-to-grab items up there (like spices or other plastic bottles) and you'll never feel vertically challenged again.

Is it a little silly? Yeah, but it'll certainly work in a pinch, and those tongs are closer than your dining room chairs.

24 Survival Tips for Living Alone [Buzzfeed via Reddit]


    Looks like the useless weekend posts are starting early eh!

      Okay, I usually take serious issue with commenters going on about the posts being useless, but...

      Sorry, Lifehacker, this really actually IS a useless post. This is akin to 'sit down while you put socks on'.*

      *By the way, sitting down while you put your socks on is really, really useful.

        In fact, making the article about the '24 tips' thing linked to would perhaps have been better.

    What if you have a watermelon on the top shelf?

    I didn't think I was going to see a more useless post than the one about how to tell which is the right way up on usb cords, but you did it LH. Congratulations.

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