Use Kitchen Tongs To Open A Beer Bottle In A Pinch

Use Kitchen Tongs to Open a Beer Bottle in a Pinch

We have all seen this nightmare unfold: you are at a party, maybe at an unfamiliar house. Everyone is drinking wine and you just want to open a beer. Somehow there is no bottle opener. Don't freak out: just grab a pair of kitchen tongs.

Illustration by Cook's Illustrated.

Just sandwich the cap in between the inside of the tong handles, catching it on those little ridges and gently pry to remove that pesky cap. Enjoy your brew enthusiastically, grab another one, and repeat.

(If you can't find a pair of tongs at whatever house party you happen to be attending, just come find me. I keep a bottle opener on my key chain.)

3 Unusual Uses for Your Ordinary Kitchen Tongs [Cook's Illustrated]


    or easier , just put the lip of the cap on the edge of a bench/table , give it a hit with the palm of your hair

    Nothing beats the lighter trick, or if there are no smokers a spoon works just as well.

    Unless you are working in a bar and are continually opening bottles, I don't see the need for a proper bottle opener. Anything with a solid edge levered against your forefinger will open one -In a pinch I use a 50c coin.

    The method shown above is woeful. There would be bugger all leverage doing it that way. You are more likely to twist and ruin the tongs than get the bottle open. You'd be better off using the pin/pivot end of them.

    This story should have read,

    If you freak out when finding yourself without a bottle opener. You don't deserve that beer. Put it back in the esky.

    Agreed, the lighter trick is cool. You can also use the lighter trick with just about anything else too, even another an empty bottle.

    Most tongs these days would bend before the bottle top came off, resulting in a mangled set of tongs.

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