Reminder: Win A Nokia Lumia 710 Smartphone With Windows Azure

Reminder: Win A Nokia Lumia 710 Smartphone With Windows Azure

Don’t forget you can win one of four Nokia Lumia 710 Smarthpones by entering our Windows Azure challenge. See the original post for the details on how to enter.

We’re announcing our first winner next week, so what are you waiting for? Get coding!

Get started with Windows Azure by signing up for a free trial here.


  • I gave up on Nokia about a year ago and probably will never go back to buying/using a Nokia (and I’ve used them for over 13 years, was a nokia app developer and one time fanboy). Almost every model phone I’ve used since 2005 had heaps of bugs that sometimes got resolved with firmware updates but created new ones.

    Here are some sample issues that were consistent across a numbers of different models I’ve used:
    – Phone randomly heating up, then battery is drained down to 10% in about 10-20 minutes (probably a background app or service in an infinite loop)
    – While listening to the radio (via the radio app) or music using the player, the phone would randomly reboot
    – Randomly displaying “Sim card not recognized” and having no service forcing me to power cycle the phone
    – Address book getting corrupted

    aaaargghh….I should stop. Damn you Nokia, where’s the love?

    • Nokia’s issues in the last 5-10 years were really caused by the “Symbian” OS software – they now use Microsoft’s “Windows Phone” – which makes the experience of using a Nokia ‘Lumia’ really nice (stay away from everything without ‘Lumia’ in the name) – it’s a great, smooth, modern experience and has almost zero issues in comparison to their Symbian phones. They make the best hardware, and most industry vets will attest to this, but their issues have always been on the software side.

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