Learn Windows Azure And Win A Nokia Lumia 710 Smartphone

Can't make it along to one of our upcoming Lifehacker meetups? As promised, we've still got something for you. Over the next four weeks, we'll be giving away a Nokia Lumia 710 Windows 7 phone each week to a lucky reader.

We're staging this as a developer challenge, which gives you the chance to improve your coding skills as well as potentially win the phone. Sign up for the competition and start taking part in each individual challenge. Whoever has the highest score at the end of the first week (or the first to get there in the event of a tie) will win the phone. We'll be putting up additional challenge tasks over the next month, and the scores will be cumulative: if you don't win in the first week, you've still got a good chance in each of the following rounds

To enter the competition, just sign up here and start taking part. Over the next four weeks, we'll identify the participant with the most points, and give away one Lumia 710 each week (on Tuesday June 5, 12, 19 and 26). Full terms and conditions are here.

Get started with Windows Azure by signing up for a free trial here.


    Damn, I suck at coding. I'd be all over this otherwise =(

      @Virus__ Here's a tip - some of the challenges don't even require any coding :)

    how about a new comp... prove you are currently using the worlds most crappiest phone and you win a new one!

      I suspect that would be too large a field for us to handle :)

    I dont presume to know what other N8 users will buy. I was meelry pointing out that if you own a N8 which I do then you are downgrading your camera. Why would you want to downgrade the excellent camera of the N8? Furthermore a 3.7 inch screen is not great for mobile browsing unless you have a HD screen. The internet on the N8 is not great and thats got a 3.5 inch screen. The Lumia 800 is a decent phone as I said originally but its not a great phone. Its a solid mid range phone.

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