On{X} Remotely Automates Your Android Phone

Android: On{x} is an Android app from Microsoft (yes, Microsoft) for creating rules that automate your smartphone. It’s like Tasker and Locale, except it’s free, and you create the rules on the On{x} website with “recipes” or templates.

Recipes include things like reminding you to visit the gym if you haven’t been there for three days, automatically sending your location to someone when they text you “where?”, and opening a random Wiki page when you unlock your screen.

The web app is really easy to use and has a very elegant user interface. A dashboard and log also show you all events created and executed.

There is one big downside, though: you’ll need to login with Facebook. If you can get past that, it’s really fun trying new recipes and creating your own.

on{X} [on Google Play via Tech Crunch]


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