Kindle Update Adds New Books And Features On iOS, Android And Cloud Reader

Web/iOS/Android: The latest Kindle updates for the mobile and Cloud Reader apps now support kids' books, graphic novels and comics. There are over 1000 new titles available, with support for pop-up text and highlighting the artwork in individual panels.

The text magnification in children's books makes reading a lot easier for kids, while the "Kindle Panel View" makes itself useful for comics and graphic novels by fading out parts of the page so you can focus on each frame.

If you have a widescreen display, Kindle for Android Tablets and Kindle Cloud Reader now show a two-page view. And, on iOS only, you can search your library by title and author now.

Hit up the links below to start enjoying more types of stories in their full-colour glory.

Kindle Cloud Reader [Amazon] Kindle for iOS [iTunes App Store] Kindle for Android [Google Play]


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