How To Make An Awesome LEGO Key Holder

If you're always losing your keys, you need a regular place to put them. A bowl on a side table works, but it's kinda boring. Why not make your own out of LEGO?

To be honest, it's not a particularly challenging build: you just need a base plate — choose one big enough to hold all the sets of keys that will end up dangling from it — and a bunch of 3176 LEGO pieces. You can find them on eBay pretty easily.

Fasten the plate to a wall and thread a single 3176 Lego piece onto each of your key chains (you can, of course, include more than one key). Voila! The world's coolest key storage device is yours.

[Minie Co via 2 Modern]

Republished from Gizmodo


    Very nice, but I must say I prefer the Ethernet one from a while back.

    Deja vu?

    whats with the duplicate articles?

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