Use Sugru And LEGO To Hang Nearly Anything

While simple hooks are great for hanging your keys by the door, they can't hang everything. With a few old LEGO bricks, though, you can stick nearly anything — cables, keys, pens or anything else — to a hard surface.

The folks that make Sugru, our favourite mouldable silicone, came up with this clever trick. Its only real downside is that you'll have a LEGO brick stuck on whatever it is you're hanging, but as long as you can wrangle up some of the thinner or smaller ones, you probably won't notice much — and it works with literally anything you could want quick access to. Check out the video above for some clever examples.

Sugru ♥ LEGO [Warning, May Cause Excitement] [YouTube via Reddit]


    *sigh* more completely irrelevant crap syndicated from the US Lifehacker...
    Last straw for me. *unsubscribe*

      Why is it irrelevant? I thought both lego and adhesives were not exclusive to the US.

      How is this irrelevant?

        Sugru isn't even sold in Australia.
        Yeah sure you can buy it overseas but that argument can stretch a long way... fine, makes sense on Lifehacker US/etc but not Lifehacker AU.

          I brought sugru a few months ago from Australian Robotics. Fixed my laptop cable and shoes. Love it!

    What would be good is to have separate feeds for different posters. I note certain 'authors' just endlessly repost crap with seemingly no editorial filtering at all. Angus', for example, seem to be mostly written well as opposed to just reposts and would be worth subscribing to.

    This posting was relevant and lead to me ordering from UK site. Delivery was free to Australia with 4 packets and there is current offer to get 4 for the price of three using coupon code YAYCHRISTMAS

    As a recent convert to Sugru, I l know it's limitations (a little) and I'm pretty sure it would fall off some of those surfaces eventually. Plus it' looks a bit fiddly fitting the bricks together just so. Then there's the problem of having sharp bits of lego in your pocket, and stuck to your object of choice for hanging. fail for me too, sorry!

    Double sigh from me! Fair enough Ferret - goodbye and thanks for the rant but to be honest you haven't enriched any of us. As for Eccentric - while it's not going to change the world it's hardly a fail. Lighten up dudes.

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