Divvy Window Organiser For Mac On Sale

Mac: Divvy, the awesome app that splits up and organises your windows for maximum productivity, is 50 per cent off in the Mac App Store right now at only $7.49.

Divvy is just one of many, many, many apps that brings Windows' Aero Snap-like functionality to your Mac, but it's arguably the best. Not only can you split windows up side by side, but you can do them in pretty much any configuration you want: left side and right side, top and bottom, two quarters and one half, and more. You can even assign keyboard shortcuts to your favourite window layouts. It used to be $14.99, but it's currently on sale for $7.49 if you buy it from the Mac App Store, so head over and grab it now if you haven't before. Windows users, sadly, still have to pay full price on Divvy's website. Though, frankly, it's still worth every cent.

Divvy [Mac App Store]


    WinSplit Revolution does the same for Windows, is for free and probably more customizable (at least from my first impression of divvy). I've been using WinSplit for ages now and it's a fantastic tool

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