Windownaut Adds New Functionality To OS X's Title Bar Buttons

Mac: Windownaut overhauls window management on your Mac so you can arrange your windows in a multitude of ways, customise the functions of title bar buttons, and make lots of other tweaks.

There are a lot of apps that manage your windows in similar ways — Divvy, Cinch, and ShiftIt to name just a few.

Windownaut takes a new approach, adding many other features to your windows and their title bar buttons. With Windownaut, you can:

  • Move and resize windows using modifier keys instead of having to click on the title bar or window edges.
  • Snap windows to any screen edge or corner, maximise, centre, or move to a new space via drag-and-drop.
  • Snap windows to any screen edge or corner, maximise, centre, or move to a new space via a custom keyboard shortcut for each position.
  • See all your possible window layouts for an individual window by right-clicking on the green "traffic light" button.
  • Show the current window's document in the Finder by right-clicking on the yellow "traffic light" button.
  • Quit the current application by right-clicking on the red "traffic light" button.

The traffic light features are all customisable as well: you can swap them between buttons, add modifiers, and even make them the default actions for those buttons when you left-click on them (who uses the green button anyway?). The whole app is extremely powerful and customisable, so if you feel held back by other window management applications, you might find what you're looking for with Windownaut.

Windownaut is a $5.99 download for Mac OS X with a free 14-day trial available. It works on both Snow Leopard and Lion.

Windownaut [via Cult of Mac]


    Been using Moom for a long time. Looking at the screenshots only Moom is way better than this.

      thumb up for Moom

    The thing about Windownaut is that it may be the sam e as others, but it's way more stable than similar apps. That's more than worth the price.

    Seems a lot like moom and bettersnaptool, both cheaper as well

    Wondering if anyone can help me. I got a flash poeckt camcorder which can be used as a webcam. Yet the microphone on the camcorder is not reconised as a microphone by windows. Any help would be cool thanx

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