Use A Magnet To Hang Opened Packets In The Fridge

Every once in a while, you come across food that doesn't come in resealable packets. To avoid spilling it all over your fridge (and to save yourself a bit of shelf space), Redditor dewder recommends hanging it inside your fridge with a magnet.

You probably have a few magnets on the front of your fridge (holding up all those report cards and Crayola doodles), but dewder mentions that you can actually use them inside your fridge, too — and they're perfect for holding up finicky packets:

This is baby food, which you have to use in 24 hours or throw away. Also, the packet it comes in does not stand up in the fridge. So rather than lay it flat and have it pour out, lean it up against something that will just fall over, all on top of having to pin or clip it closed, you just take a magnet, fold over the top, stick it to the inside, et voila, all problems solved.

Not a bad solution to poorly packaged food. Hit the link to read more.

Opened the Refrigerator Today to Find My Wife's Ingenious Little Lifehack [Reddit]


    Im pretty sure the inside of my fridge is some sort of plastic

    I that situation i would have just sat it between the mayonnaise and the other jar, if by chance you need one of those jars in the mean time, its easy enough to deal with.

    It would wanna be a strong magnet too, i don't think i have one strong enough to do that, and my new fridge is not magnetic on the inside anwyay so its all moot.

    Fucking genius.

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