Unblock Region-Specific YouTube, Grooveshark And Hulu Content

Ever run into a video that's blocked because you aren't in a supported region? It's annoying, but ProxMate is a simple extension for Chrome and Firefox that unblocks region-specific content from YouTube, Hulu and Grooveshark.

ProxMate will route your traffic through a supported proxy server regardless of what country you're in. Currently it only works with the above mentioned services, but ProxMate also lets you set up your own proxy servers to automatically get around any country-specific blocks you might run into. The nice thing about ProxMate is that you can quickly enable or disable it straight from the toolbar so it doesn't slow down load times when it isn't needed.

ProxMate [via One Thing Well]


    I use http://unblock-us.com/ this is much better and works on hundreds of region blocked US and UK websites

      I have been using that also but its a paid service and it doesn't work well with youtube videos... Also I find it scrambles 4oD from channel for in the UK. I just cancelled my subscription and will be trying this one out for a while. I guess that's an extra couple of coffees for me every month eh :-)

    Haha Thorin.... Girl's Generation fan are we?

    Could you elaborate on the Grooveshark block. I have been using it for 1 year now without any proxy.

    Will this unblock BBC iPlayer? If not, any suggestions other than a subscription service - I only want the occasional program.

    I use http://www.sunvpn.com/ to access access HULU from Singapore. It`s easy to use and speeds are decent for streaming video, e.g. I never had buffering on videos.

    I use unotelly to stream iPlayer and 4oD on States. It supports more channels than any other DNS service and I can use it on 3G networks.

    can u block grooveshark plz

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