Stake Is A Grilling Tool That Combines Tongs, A Spatula And A Fork

Stake is a clever multi-tool that can help you get a perfect hot dog, burger or whatever single-handedly. It looks like a standard spatula that you can use for flipping, but it's also capable of grabbing anything on the grill like tongs or piercing it like a fork.

There are a lot of tools used in prepping, cooking and serving barbecued goods. It can be frustrating to keep them all around and ready, plus multiple tools means more cleaning work when you're done. Stake combines everything you'll need so you only have to use one utensil for the entire process. It's a clever way to handle whatever you've got on the grill so you're not constantly switching tools. And, when you're done, you have a little less to clean, too.

Stake ($US30) [Quirky]


    The wonders of modern technology, huh? Looks identical to something I had to make 25 years ago in Grade 9 shop class.

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