Awake In The Middle Of The Night? Make Lists

Being awake in the middle of the night is more common than we sometimes think. Rather than stressing over sleeplessness, take advantage of your wakeful state to plan for what’s ahead.

Picture by Armin Vogel

Philosopher Alain de Botton argues that you should embrace those early hours:

I find that being awake between 3am and 4am is hugely fruitful. Half-formed thoughts that manifested themselves previously only as anxieties have a chance to become conscious. This is the time for making lists and writing books.

It won’t work for everyone, and it might not help if you are trying to reboot your sleep cycle. But setting aside time specifically for planning is often a sound move.

That tip is one of a large group of time-management strategies collated from well-known Brits by the Guardian. Many of them touch on familiar themes (setting aside recharge time, managing your use of technology), and the full list is worth checking out.

Time-management tips from extremely busy people [The Guardian]


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