Use A Dab Of Glue On Remote Control Buttons And Never Miss Hitting Mute Again

Big, universal remotes are great because they can minimise the amount of junk laying around, but sometimes they have so many buttons that you can't find what you're looking for easily. Reddit user unamenotakken solved this problem by gluing a button to one of their remote's buttons for easy access.

It might seem silly at first, but if you've ever tried to quickly find the mute button on a universal remote when you get an important phone call or knock on the door you know it's not always an easy task. This example takes on the centre button, but you can use it for whichever one you prefer. User Unamenottaken uses a button on the centre of the remote, but a little dab of glue should accomplish the same task.

If a key button on a remote isn't easy to find by touch, glue something onto it. Like, for instance, a button [Reddit]


    Looks like you miss the mute button again! The mute button is just under the "0". The sew on button is actually on the OK button.

      If you read the article carefully you might have avoided making a fool of yourself

    Good idea for visitors.. Everytime I get a new remote, I take the time to test all features and functions of the remote, that way in about a week I can use any button in the dark cause I know where it is.

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