Turn A Key Into A 10-In-1 Tool

Ever wished your key could do more than open doors? Instructables user Vitizop did, so he cut, chopped and screwed a single key into a multi-tool.

Using a drill, saw and a variety of files, Vitizop managed to make a key into a philips screwdriver, saw, bottle opener, rope cutter and more. Keys are pretty malleable, but the process still likely takes a bit of time. Hit up Vitizop's Instructable for pictures of the process and uses, but be warned you'll only find a few simple images for a walkthrough on doing making this for yourself. Still, using his key as a guide it should be easy enough to replicate. If DIYing your own doesn't suit you, you can always buy your own.

multi key Utili-Key 10-in-1 Tool [Instructables]


    Unless your key is made of a fairly hard metal, and most definitely are not! then this is a waste of time.

    Normal key is bad enough for your pants fabric and other contents in it (handphone, usb key, etc). I had 2 pants pockets holed because of it. Better to carry proper pocket knives.

    The above raise two very good points, but the guy also put the bottle opener the wrong way around: look at the picture in the article, and ask: "Where's the leverage?"

      There is not much leverage, granted, but, on the left there is a gap between the key and the cap - a small one. I don't imagine that the cap needs much more than this.

    You could harden and temper the metal using your forge.

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