Get The Keys And Tools You Need In One DIY Multi-Key

Get the Keys and Tools You Need in One DIY Multi-Key

A good multitool packs a number of tools into a small device that's easy to carry with you. This DIY multi-key takes that idea and expands it to carry your keys as well.

Instructables user RobbGodshaw has instructions for a great DIY multi-key. His gadget includes several of his keys, as well as a USB flash drive, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver and two Allen keys. The tight-fitting design ensures ease of access and low noise. Hit up the post at Instructables to see how he made it.

Multi key + Bike Tools + USB Drive + Bottle opener + Screwdriver [Instructables]


    Great idea, though one thing that comes to mind... don't do this to your car keys. I got told by a mechanic that having lots of weight on your car key is one reason why the lock mechanisms fail, and it will also wear the key down - all that weight hanging off one key and swinging around while you drive.

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