Make Your Own Key Covers With Sugru

Make Your Own Key Covers with Sugru

Plastic key caps are a great way to ensure you can easily tell your keys apart. If you'd like to make your own, Instructables user Andrea Biffi shows how to do it with some Sugru.

All you need to do is cover a key with Sugru and flatten it down. Then, you'll want to add some texture to differentiate the keys. Biffi recommends using something like textured cloth to imprint on the surface. It's a simple process that will easily make your keys unique and easy to find.

If that's too much work, an old balloon will also do the trick.

Sugru Key Head [Instructables]


    Recycling old articles now eh?

      Hey, we do try and avoid duplication, but it happens occasionally.

    Instead of patterns, I would imprint simple symbols that can be distinguished with touch so that you can identify them in the dark. Like braille.

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