Keychain Multi-Tool Is Eight Handy, Pocketable Tools In One

For the types who always likes to be prepared: The eight-in-one keyring multi-tool wraps three screwdrivers, a nail file, fingernail cleaner, bottle opener, wire cutter and tweezers around one key, and fits nicely on your keychain, in your pocket.

Not much more to it than that. The KeyTool Keyring Multi-tool is $US10 at ThinkGeek.

KeyTool Keyring Multi-tool [ThinkGeek via Gizmodo]


    Probably won't ship to Australia. I had some key-tools like these I bought at CostCo in the US years ago, but haven't found any vendors willing to ship knives internationally. ship to Australia and even provide a tracking number compatible with google package mapping.

      $10 for KeyTool. $24 to ship to Oz via UPS. Insane.

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