Selling Your House 2010s Style

Other that placing ads with lots of pictures on websites, advertising a house for sale hasn't changed hugely in recent years. So we were intrigued when a friend of ours, Lloyd Borrett, has launched an all-out digital strategy for selling his home.

Lloyd's approach has been pretty interesting. As well as the usual real estate agent's ad, he's also created a blog [Mount Eliza Unit for Sale] about living in the house he's selling. The blog doesn't just have information about the house. It also covers local attractions, restaurants, pubs, parks markets and other local flavour so that you can get a real feel for not just the house but also the neighbourhood.

He's put a QR Code on the real estate board at the front of the house that links, via, so he can track traffic, to the blog.

Recently, he started using Pinterest to post photos with links back to the blog - a move that Lloyd says has doubled traffic to the blog.

He's using Facebook to promote new posts on the blog as well as Twitter.

Given the depressed state of real estate sales it's low cost way of promoting your property if you've got the time to do it.


    ... and now on lifehacker, well done Lloyd.

    Cool! I already have web development skills under my belt. Now, all I need is a house to sell.

    Please feel free to check out the colophon for the Mount Eliza Unit For Sale web site at where I explain how it's being done.

    Funny, I used to know someone who lived in that apartment block. Can't remember the unit they lived in, but know it was that building. But this was 15 or so years ago.

    For more details on the impact of Pinterest on the Mount Eliza Unit For Sale blog, please see

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