PayPal Not Working On eBay Right Now

If you've been trying to pay for something on eBay with PayPal today, chances are it hasn't worked. eBay Australia says it is urgently working on a fix; we'll keep an eye out. [eBay]


    Errr... just used it and it seems to be working fine. :)

    Worked fine for me for the last 6 purchases ?

      They specifically state eBay Australia at the end. Could've been mentioned more explicitly, but don't worry if you're anywhere else (and not using the Australian eBay website).

    And just for a laugh, some serious analyses of PayPal's clunky off-eBay products: "The New Way To Pay In-Store", PayPal Here, SmartPay, PayPal Digital Wallet, PayPal Debit MasterCard, PayPal Local and Watch With eBay ...

    eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking

    Its not just Ebay. I have been trying to use it on Fiverr since 6am (now 11am). Also cannot log into the site.

    "Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit."

    Thanks, Lifehacker for your up-to-the minute reporting of this issue. I Googled the problem and was relieved to see this article.

    Paypal has been giving me problems for most of Aug-Sept. I have had several bidders say they submit payments during this time as well. Paypal really needs to get their act together, this has been going on for too long. Its taking me forever to print labels because of all the error messages. It is costing me business, they need to compensate their users for all of this hassle!!!!!!

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