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eBay has confirmed it will not be renewing its contract with the online payments system PayPal. The online marketplace will stop using PayPal as its back-end services provider which means it will soon be more difficult to buy products on eBay with your PayPal account. Here's what you need to know.


The launch of Amazon Australia was supposed to be a game-changing event that redefined retail pricing for the whole nation. Instead, its arrival went down like a huge wet fart.

The chief disappointment was price - but that's not all that left us feeling miffed. Here are six things we hated about Amazon Australia's launch.


Like it or not, eBay is the biggest auction website in Australia and often has some excellent bargains. But it also has loads of competition from other buyers, a not very intuitive search system and oodles of identical products to wade through. Fortunately there are some essential tricks to become an eBay master.


PayPal has launched a peer-to-peer payments service called PayPal.me that allows you to request money online from people you know through a personalised link. This makes it a lot easier to ask friends and family to pay you back for small amounts of money they owe to you, minus the awkwardness of having to ask them in person.


John Lunn has participated in hundreds of hackathons in his time and is also the global director of BattleHack, one of the biggest hacking events on the map. This makes him a pretty good authority on what works and what doesn't. Earlier in the week, we asked John to share his expertise on what makes a great hackathon. Here are his top tips.


24 hours of programming with a chance to win $US100,000. Doesn't sound too bad if you think you have the skills to compete. This is the core of BattleHack, a global marathon coding competition run by PayPal where teams or individuals come up with interesting uses for the payment provider's various online services.


Developing new software is near-impossible if every coding and design decision has to be filtered through multiple layers of management. That might seem unavoidable in a larger organisation, but the experience of PayPal shows it's possible even when you have more than 13,000 employees.


Hi Lifehacker, I have been using PayPal for years, but recently there has been a few refunds due to quality of items and also that wrong items were sent to me. PayPal has buyer protection where we can lodge disputes and escalate to claims if problems arise with our purchase. However, PayPal recently has disabled my account saying I have too many disputes and claims. They also said that this cannot be appealed. Can PayPal do this? What can I do about it? Thanks, PayProblem


Aside from being subject to bad talkback radio, one of the biggest nuisances of catching a taxi is the fiddly payment process. Previously-featured taxi booking app goCatch has added the ability to pay drivers via PayPal, potentially simplifying that hassle and scoring you a cheaper fare.


Dear Lifehacker, I am the treasurer for a very small association. We want to use PayPal so we can sell raffle tickets, receive donations on our Facebook page and so on. I'm just wondering what would be the best way to set up PayPal to do this? Obviously we want to try to avoid fees wherever possible. Cheers, Fees Freeze


If you sell physical goods somewhere like a market, it's hard to accept credit card payments unless you get specialist hardware from your bank. PayPal is now offering a card reader to attach to an iPhone or Android device, which works in conjunction with the PayPal Here app to process payments on the spot.