High Court Confirms ISPs Not Responsible For Controlling Piracy

The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) has lost its High Court appeal in its long-running piracy battle with iiNet, which would seem to effectively draw a line under that particular legal case. We'll have a full analysis up this afternoon after AFACT and iiNet stage press conferences to discuss the decision; in the meantime, Alex has the main details over at Gizmodo. [Gizmodo]


    Dear AFACT - please suck on the turgid bean of common sense, hard!

    Love iiNet.

    Way to go to get more customers. Hopefully the Lintons and Exetel learns something from this.

    This won't stop parliament from getting a sack with a dollar sign on it and trying to rush through Conjob's surprise clean feed bill..

    Yes! take that copyright holders! Now, stop your whining and start making somewhere I can buy/rent everything and anything that's ever been made with no DRM.

    Why? Isn't it obvious? you don't want to be beholden to Apple forever do you? Stop seeing piracy as criminal activity (like illegal drug running and murder) and instead start looking at it as competition. It's your product for cheaper!


    It all came about in the first place because these movie companies were too slow to embrace the
    internet(and still are).Dan has given you the answer.

    Why not for starters make everything available here at the same time or similar time to the US, and even better bring out a reasonable priced subscription service so ppl will not want to pirate as much

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