Beware Scam Emails Claiming Discount Australian iTunes Gift Cards

Scammers will use any means they can think of to try and persuade people to give up personal information, so it's unsurprising that iTunes gift cards have become a target. A phishing message doing the rounds claims to offer a $100 gift card for $9, but it's nothing more than another attempt to steal your credit card details and other personal information.

There are plenty of indications that this message is dodgy (apart from the fact I'm not a long-term Apple customer and I've found five different variants in my spam folder). The awkward phrasing, the reference to Apple Inc (rather than Apple Pty Ltd, the local entity) and the fact that the link doesn't go to an Apple site all give it away. As ever, if it sounds too good to be true, it will be.


    The link in the email geso to pages that are hidden deep in the websites of apparently innocent people. I have had two emails in the last two days. The first linked to a page in the control panel folder of a blogger in Scandinavia, which immediately redirected to a page in the wp-admin folder of a Fishing Adventure Company in the US. The one I received today went to an apple folder in the images section of the web site of a German academic. (I think... my German is not that good)
    These are no doubt innocent parties who don't even know their sites have been hacked and shows the importance of keeping software up to date and doing regular security checks on your web sites.

    Its simple to find out if they're trying to scam you or not by just entering in a fake email for your account, and then just enter in 100% fake details that normally a site would tell you is invalid.
    ie - my post code was "over 9000" and I'm born 99/99/9999. No error validation is just proof of being fake.

      But doing that runs the risk of other malware payloads on the site. I'd avoid clicking on the link in the first place.

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