Apple Objects To iTunes Cards Discount Site

Apple Objects To iTunes Cards Discount Site

Details of current iTunes bargains are a regular feature here at Lifehacker, and the iTunes On Sale site is one of the main resources we’ve used to track them. That site has now moved to a new domain, Gift Cards On Sale, after Apple threatened legal action against it.The SMH reports that founder Rowan Coe made the name change after receiving a legal letter from Apple saying the site infringed on its iTunes trademark and acted as an unauthorised iTunes reseller. The second claim seems particularly ludicrous; there’s an obvious difference between pointing out a bargain and selling iTunes cards yourself.

Apple is entitled to defend its trademarks, but I can’t help thinking that this kind of heavy-handed behaviour is exactly the sort of thing that gives it a bad name with some consumers. Regardless, I’m sure the iTunes card discounts will continue to flow — and we’ll keep listing them, as will Rowan.

Apple vs Rowan in iTunes gift cards row [SMH]


  • My understanding is that trademark law -requires- you to defend your trademarks. It’s not that they have the right to do it, it’s if they don’t they loose the trademark.

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