66% Of Australians Want A New Job This Year

66% Of Australians Want A New Job This Year

Dreaming about another job isn’t uncommon, but how often do we act on those thoughts? One recent survey suggests that 66 per cent of Australian workers plan to look for another employer within the next 12 months.

The study, commissioned by employment management company Kelly Services, is based on the responses of 1,600 Australians. Of those, one-third said they frequently think about quitting their job, while two-thirds expect they will look for work elsewhere within the year.

Employment patterns are more variable than in the past, so that doesn’t necessarily reflect massive levels of discontent; it might equally reflect plans to gain new experience in different surroundings. That’s evident in other numbers: 52 per cent of respondents said they were happy in their jobs, and 41 per cent said their work provided a “sense of meaning”.

Are you thinking about seeking out new work, and why? Tell us in the comments.


    • I run my own growing little business and sometimes look to see how much more I could get paid for less responsibility. Being your own boss has it’s advantages but will also give you greys earlier than you thought 🙂

      • I wasted my money on a finance degree because I work in retail and entry level jobs need 2 years experience in the field and 5 years experience in Windows 7 in 2012. I’ll never get a job.

  • I can’t even get into the workforce. I’ve being seeking work for over 24 months now. I’ve submitted over 200 applications since Jan 2011, and only one progressed to an interview stage.

  • I have little to do in my job and I have been here for a year. I started seriously looking recently. Had some interest but havent gotten an interview yet. Work is picking up a bit now though so might just stay here. But not having a lot to do for a year has sort of soured my taste of this place…

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