Most Australians Are Looking For Work Within 3 Months Of Starting A New Job

Most Australians Are Looking For Work Within 3 Months Of Starting A New Job

Just landed a new gig? Odds are, you’re already on the job hunt again.

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A study of Australian employment habits by job board Indeed suggests that the vast majority of us are looking for a new job even when we’ve only just signed the employment papers for our current gig.

The survey checked with 4,201 employable adults, of whom, 65 per cent stated that they started searching for a different employer within the first three months of starting a new job. Not surprisingly, with the right incentives, 91 per cent of those surveyed would consider a new job, but that’s surely a straight up matter of logic.

As always with surveys from those with a vested interest in the market surveyed, it’s worth adding the proverbial layer of salt to the results, but equally if you’re building a team right now, it’s undeniably worth considering retention or rehire strategies, given that at least a few members of your team are probably at least perusing new opportunities right now.


  • Did the survey take into account the large amount of 6-12 month fixed term contracts for jobs nowadays, meaning looking for work 3 months in is pretty smart…

    • Large Majority is such an understatement.. its closer to around 98% of jobs are like that.

  • In out current job market you can’t afford to be picky. You take what you can get to pay the bills while you shop around for the right job.

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