What's The Oddest Place You've Tweeted From?

A slightly dubious survey of 885 Australians suggests that 33.8 per cent of people have accessed social networking sites while in bed, 21.5 per cent in the bathroom and a sticky-fingered 3.2 per cent have done so during sex. That makes us wonder: what's the oddest place you've accessed a social networking site?

I'll freely admit to tweeting when on the toilet and reading Facebook while in bed , but I do draw the line at Foursquare during foreplay. The weirdest place I've accessed social media is either near the top of a championship ski jump in Oslo or on a hot-air balloon in Alice Springs. What's your oddest social networking location?

[Survey via Mumbrella]


    33.8% in bed, and 23.3% of those in bed? Might wanna check.

    2.8% were "during intimate moments." You put down 3.2% which was directly above it.

    Wallumbilla, Muckadilla, Dirranbandi, Cunnamulla and so on. Wife in Dirran atm

    I tweeted 1485m on this mountain in Vietnam in the rain!

    I'm a twitter shitter!

    I poked someone in the Sistine Chapel. True story.

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