Use A Cupcake Liner To Catch Ice Block Drips

Ice blocks are a delicious treat, but they can get pretty messy, even if you try to use the wrapper as a guard to protect your hands from the melting sugary ice. If you're planning a picnic, or giving out frozen treats to friends or kids, try using a standard paper cupcake liner around the base of the ice block stick to keep your hands, clothes and floors clean.

Most of us try to use the wrapper from the ice block to catch drips this way, but if you're making your own ice blocks in the freezer (which obviously don't have a wrapper), or you're dealing with kids who'll tear the wrapper or remove it entirely, keeping a couple of standard paper cupcake liners around for the job might be a good idea.

Do you make your own ice blocks? Willing to give this a shot? Let us know in the comments below.

Cupcake Liner as a Drip Catcher [Real Simple]


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