Save Silica Gel To Rescue A Wet Phone

It's that moment we all dread — our shiny mobile phone falls into a puddle, a toilet or under a cup of coffee. Prepare for the evil day by saving those anti-moisture silica gel packets you find in shoes, handbags and other leathery items.

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We've noted before that rice and kitty litter can successfully extract moisture from a doused phone, but reader James notes that keeping packets designed for absorbing liquid can be an even more effective solution:

Keep the silica gel when you buy a pair of shoes. My smartphone got wet overnight, I could dry everything except for water that got into the camera lens. I put the phone and silica gel into a sandwich bag and carried it around in my pocket, by the end of the day it had drawn the water out from the lens.

Make sure you store the packets out of reach of young kids, naturally, but this is a clever idea, and a valid reason to not just dispose of the packets. Thanks James!


    The toilet? No silica gel will save that

    Oven and hair dryer are the best and fastest to dry out your wet mobile. It has to be conventional oven, not microwave.

    Pretty straight forward for hair dyer, do not turn on the heat, just let it blow the air. For oven: take out the battery, open all possible casings. Pre-heat oven to 120-130 degrees Celcius, then turn it off. Slowly the heat will degrade, put the mobile in when the inside is about 50-60 degrees. Once it drops to about 30s, take out the mobile and again pre-heat it to 120-130 degrees. Repeat and rinse. The pre-heat is to get rid/minimise of the moisture inside the oven. Don't leave your mobile at any time with the heating inside the oven is active. For the base, don't lay the phone on top of any metal plate. It retains heat better than open air. Silicone base utensils are best, if not, baking paper (fold into thick layers) or wood. Do not pre-heat these to-be base with the oven.

    Next is to sanitize your mobile if it dropped inside your toilet bowl...

    Silica gel is also useful for stopping fungus in a camera lens. I always put some in my camera bag.

    best tip is a snap lock bag and some rice

      this is exactly what i was going to say

    Those bags have a limit as to how much moisture they can absorb and often when you purchase an item with one of these bags in it they have reached close to their limit. With the general moisture in the air I don't think they will last too long if you try and save them.

    i hear opening up as much as possible (removing battery etc), then burying in rice does the trick.

    The Silica Gel found on shoes, etc. is already used up. Normally it's just cheaper to buy new Silica Gel for your intended purpose. The stuff is cheap:

    I dropped my phone in water and was going to use the rice method but didn't have any. I ended up cutting a nappy open and put the dead phone in there, has worked perfectly ever since

      do you get funny looks, talking into a nappy? :P

        Only when it was on my baby ;P

    Kitty litter was mentioned, but not which type. AFAIK, the crystal litter is basically the silica gel you find in the little packets!

    Check out as well, a really good option and specifically designed for the purpose of saving wet electronic devices.

      Don't click... it's an add : /

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