Save Silica Gel To Rescue A Wet Phone

It’s that moment we all dread — our shiny mobile phone falls into a puddle, a toilet or under a cup of coffee. Prepare for the evil day by saving those anti-moisture silica gel packets you find in shoes, handbags and other leathery items.

Picture by Eduardo

We’ve noted before that rice and kitty litter can successfully extract moisture from a doused phone, but reader James notes that keeping packets designed for absorbing liquid can be an even more effective solution:

Keep the silica gel when you buy a pair of shoes. My smartphone got wet overnight, I could dry everything except for water that got into the camera lens. I put the phone and silica gel into a sandwich bag and carried it around in my pocket, by the end of the day it had drawn the water out from the lens.

Make sure you store the packets out of reach of young kids, naturally, but this is a clever idea, and a valid reason to not just dispose of the packets. Thanks James!


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