Keep Your Gym Bag Odour-Free With Silica Gel Packets

Video: Silica gel packets come with some food, electronics and other products, but you probably toss them in the bin. Well, if you’re tired of your gym bag smelling like old meat, here’s a reason to save them. This video from the Business Insider YouTube channel demonstrates a few great reasons to hang on to your silica gel packets, including a clever way to keep the odour in your gym bag from building up. That haunting odour you smell comes from nasty bacteria that munches on the sweat in your gym clothes. Silica gel will absorb that sweat so bacteria has nothing to feed on, thus removing the lingering stink. Just toss a few packets in your bag and let them work their magic. In fact, you can use silica gel bags to help de-stink shoes too. It’s also pretty good at keeping food fresh too.

Why you should never throw away silica gel bags [YouTube]

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