Remove Water From Your Camera Or Phone With Rice

Remove Water From Your Camera Or Phone With Rice

It’s a common problem: your beloved smart phone gets wet, and suddenly it’s not functioning so well. Blogger Darian Cabot tried an oft-quoted trick — putting the phone in dry rice to let it absorb the moisture — and found it worked very well.

Cabot’s post is appealing in part because he freely admits that the phone got damaged after a night of drinking rather than blaming external factors, but also demonstrates that water plus phone doesn’t always have to be a fatal combination. We’ve offered up similar hints in the past, but it’s always good to see a technique used successfully.

iPhone 4: Removing water condensation from the camera [Darian Cabot]


  • This trick worked well for me when I dropped my flip phone in the (ahem) toilet at work some years ago. Ripped the battery out pronto & dried as much as I could with paper towels. When I got home I packed it (with battery separate) in a ziplock bag with rice & let it sit for a day or so.
    Worked a treat & I got a year’s use out of it. You wouldn’t get any warranty service though as the internal immersion flag would be sprung. The only gotcha was a single grain of rice I couldn’t shake out of the innards.

  • Hi – glad to hear rice works well. I used to be on a mp3 forum (for an expensive mp3 player). Someone rescued their pride and joy with silica bags. You know those little gel bags you get with some shoes, goldfish food etc etc. I’m saving them 🙂 for a wet occasion where a gadget gets soaked.

    I guess most people have rice on hand though.

    Merry Xmas to lifehacker
    ============** Always a great read !


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