Pill Bottle Emergency Kit Starts A Fire And Treat Injuries

We've shown you some great tiny emergency kits in the past, but this one fits in a small pill bottle. While it's not as well stocked as some of the others, it'll definitely do in a pinch, especially when the important things like treating a cut or scrape before infection sets in or building a fire before dark are your most important concerns.

Make no mistake, Instructables is laden with emergency kits of all shapes and sizes — some of them are large enough to contain a Leatherman or other multitool, and others are so tiny they're only really meant to be portable first aid kits. This one walks the line between the two. It comes stacked with matches and a striker so you can build a fire, some foil, antiseptic, a bandage and some thread in case you need to treat a wound, some safety pins, painkillers, a razor blade, fishing line and a hook, and more. It's definitely not meant for long-term survival, but it could be a handy kit to have in your go bag if you're looking for a space saver that contains the basics.

The last time we talked about a pocket survival kit you all had some great ideas for what should and shouldn't go inside one. What would you include in your pill bottle kit? Let's hear it in the comments below.

Pill Bottle Survival Kit [Instructables]


    How about water purification tablets and waterproof matches.

      I find water proof matches a real pain, they are far from reliable. I think the water proof nature of the container is more than enough to stop matches getting wet.

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