Use A Tampon As An Emergency Bandage

First aid is one of those things we all know we should take seriously, but forget about all too often. If you find yourself stuck with a nosebleed or a cut bigger than Band-Aids can cover, you'd be surprised at how effective a tampon can be.

Weblog The Art of Manliness goes through 10 different survival tips uses little mystery product can provide, but far and away the best is as a makeshift bandage when you don't have one around. They're sterile, absorbent, and easy to rip up and tape on any cut or wound. Even better, though, is that they make fantastic plugs for those frustrating nosebleeds some of us get from time to time. It's a heck of a lot better than using Kleenex, and pretty much every woman is going to have a few on hand no matter where you are — making them perfect for those "oh s***" moments.

Of course, while you're thinking about this, you really should put together a real first aid kit. Even if it's just a small one that fits inside a pill bottle.

Yes, That's a Tampon in My Mouth: The Swiss Army Survival Tampon — 10 Survival Uses [The Art of Manliness]


    er, no.

      Oh grow up, it's not like they're telling to dig through the rubbish to find one, they're completely sterile objects.

      I've found that in emergencies, a pad and glad wrap are really effective for large wounds.

    the gaffer tape is gonna hurt coming off.

    When I was a kid I sliced my foot open on a piece of glass, we used one of Mums pads to dress it - it worked perfectly, they're made to soak up blood!

    Slow news day.

    I can imagine the Lifehacker office. Twiddling a pencil while turning circles in your office chair..."what to write, what to write, what to write.....".....

      I always imagined it like how South Park showed how Family Guy wrote the jokes.

    News flash!

    Use your socks to wipe your bum!!!

    not sterile. pretty clean, but not sterile.

    Also, as mentioned in the comments of the article- do you really want a bandage that's designed to suck up blood, rather than one that will stop the bleeding?

      Yeah, pads are designed to hold a lot of blood, for those heavy flow days. One of those things could cause me to bleed to death!

      i see what you did there... CRACK up!

    In my line of work major injuries such as knife wounds these are really handy, and it's only a quick solution to stem the bleeding. Until you can get proper bandages, if they are clean enough for a women to use in a sensitive area they are clean enough to use on wounds that are prone to infection or worse.

    I've used my sanitary pads on a few knife wounds for other people, i worked with one bloke who stabbed himself in the thigh were a lot of blood vessels are. With the pad being so big we managed to stem most of the bleeding keep pressure on the whole area until he got to the hospital.

    P.S i work as a butcher :)

    Why is he using tape? Dont they have wings or adhesive strips?

      LMAO... severe lack of understanding as to the mechanics of female hygiene products :-) PADS have wings and adhesive strips... just wikipedia it man... I don't really wanna go into details here.

    besides- the adhesive bit is for the underwear, not your body (OUCH) the back of a pad isn't absorbent, it's adhesive.

    Let me be the first to mention vagina in a lifehacker comment.... Wonder if it'll make it through.

    Haha just tried to use the word v4g1n4 in a post and it got canned :-)

      No it didn't.

    Great tip, thanks Whitson.

    One time in band camp ....

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