Longevity Battery Saver Dobs In Power Pig Apps

Longevity Battery Saver Dobs In Power Pig Apps

Android: Battery life is the bane of every smartphone owner’s life. We’ve offered lots of suggestions to help Android owners deal with that problem, but Longevity Battery Saver adds one useful twist: identifying apps which are tough on battery life and warning users when they download them.

The app is from security developer Trend Micro, and uses its existing “reputation index” for mobile apps to identify potential battery hogs. It also includes a Fast Drain alert if your phone starts consuming energy more quickly than normal.

The product is currently free while in limited beta; I’d guess that it might eventually become a paid-for option, but it’s easy to check it out in the meantime. If you give it a spin, share your experience in the comments.

Longevity Battery Saver [Android Market]


  • Forced closes on my HTC Desire when trying to display the power usage listing on ‘Power Hogs’ screen. Though i’m not sure how it calculated my ‘time remaining’ thingy.

    If you have Tasker installed, all of the ‘Just-a-phone mode’ can already be done.’

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