Here's How Getting Things Done Creator David Allen Organises His Workspace

What kind of stuff does the creator of productivity uber-system Getting Things Done keep handy in his home office? A few unique things, a few GTD-nerd things, and, reassuringly, some of the same stuff you have around. Including a clunky printer and a goofy coffee mug.

GTD Times provides a full-size shot of David Allen's office, with labels helpfully provided by Mr Allen himself. Many of the fixtures should be familiar to GTD-ers, like the "tickler" file, the notebooks at the ready for sudden inspiration, the in-basket, and, especially, the labeller. You'll also notice the reassuringly less-than-perfect cable clutter and the iPad. Check out the full-size shot at GTD times, and tell us what grabbed your attention in the comments.

David Allen's workspace [GTD Times]


    Looks pretty scruffy. As a minimalist this looks quite un productive. But each to their own.

    Empty waste basket - creative juices aren't flowing?

    Where can I get those funky red & white speech bubble thingys for my own office?


    At least there isn't a wankfest of high end gadgets on display that they probably don't even use, like some workspaces...

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