Fix Dull Scissors With A Screwdriver

Scissors get dull over time and eventually need sharpening. Reddit user Derigiberble suggests an easy way to fix up blunted scissors using a screwdriver.

We know aluminium foil is a nifty way to sharpen scissors, but if you don't have any around, the shank of a screwdriver works well too. Derigiberble describes the process:

Find a screwdriver with a smooth shank (the part between the tip and the handle). One with a chrome plating works best.

Then simply place the screwdriver shank between the scissor blades, trying to get it fairly close to the angle of the cutting edge, and "cut" it using the scissors. After one or two times the scissors will cut like new again.

You'll want to use something like sandpaper to sharpen them in the long haul, but a screwdriver works well in a pinch.

LPT: Fix scissors that are not cutting well by attempting to cut a screwdriver [Reddit]


    Cut the shank off my screwdriver, thanks for nothing.

      Either trolling, have (had) a terrible screwdriver, or godly scissors lol

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