The Essential Tiny Tool Kit Everyone Should Have At Home

The Essential Tiny Tool Kit Everyone Should Have At Home

Wherever you live, everyone needs some basic tools to assist with household tasks. We’ve compiled a group of tools that won’t take up valuable cupboard space, but will also have you prepared for the next fix-it job around the house.

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  • Screwdrivers: Go with the stubby variety to save the most space. A flat head and Phillips head screwdriver are both essential, but for the most versatility a screwdriver with interchangeable heads will work best
  • Heavy Duty Scissors: Skip office scissors, which will wilt under the pressure of cutting rope or fabric. A set of contractor-grade scissors has many uses from the kitchen to the workshop.
  • Crescent Adjustable Spanner: An adjustable spanner is a must-have in any tiny tool kit. Consider a kit that includes multiple sizes, so you’ve got all your nuts and bolt sizes covered.
  • Tape Measure: From woodworking to interior design, a tape measure is indispensable.
  • Level: A standard spirit level with a measuring scale is necessary when installing shelves and can be helpful when hanging mirrors or artwork. But there’s also an app for that.
  • Hammer: A stubby claw hammer will do 90% of the jobs around the house.
  • Pliers: If you’ve got the space then go with a slip-joint and long nose pair of pliers.


  • think your over complicating the matter
    All a real man needs are some zip ties and some gaffa tape and we can do anything!

    I live in an apartment complex and from my experience its not a matter of if people have the tools, its a matter of if they know how to use them. (“seriously, its lefty loosy, righty tighty… how FCKN hard is that to remember Deb!”)

    • Nah it’s Gaffer and WD-40.

      If it moves and it shouldn’t –> Gaff it
      If it doesn’t move and it should –> WD-40

  • I would add some teflon tape (for bathrooms)
    Duct tape, zip ties, Size snips and a good sharp knife (box cutter)

  • Better off to have a full size screwdriver. You get far more torque with a longer one. Less effort. The tiny amount of extra space used up is worth it. Also screw those ones with a million heads floating around in one handle, they’re terrible.

    A decent screwdriver set was one of the best investments I ever made.

  • Letherman, gaff, and if you are expecting some intense jobs then add a can of wd40 (or some innox if you are a wd hater)

  • I’m with cesario and unknown_101: You missed duct tape (I use it to make zip tie type things).

    And you missed WD40.

    Rule of the tool box: “If it moves and shouldn’t grab the duct type. If it doesn’t move and should, time to use the WD40”.

  • I have a very large flat bladed screw driver (about 15″) in the car, I never use it as a screwdriver but to lever things. like a small crowbar.

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