Common Cooking Mistakes You Should Stop Making

A while back we checked out at a great list of common cooking mistakes that many people — myself included — are guilty of committing from time to time. This list from the folks at EatingWell hits on a few other common errors that many of us make, including heating oil until it starts to smoke.

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You should resist the urge to put some oil in a pan, turn it on, and turn your back on it. The flavour and healthy properties of some cooking oils will be improved if you keep an eye on it (as well as being much safer).

Overheating oils is a common cooking issue that many of us run into, but the rest of the list is just as interesting. The site also addresses why you should avoid putting Pyrex baking dishes under a grill (they can’t withstand the direct heat and may shatter), and the ever-popular but oh-so-messy turning on the blender with hot liquids inside before removing the stopper. If you’ve ever had to clean up a kitchen after someone’s made that mistake, it’s one you’ll never make again.

Check out the whole list at the link below, and let us know some of your common cooking mistakes you’ve learned to stop making — or wish you could stop — in the comments below.

10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break [Kitchen Daily]

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