Australia Still A Potential ‘Enemy Of The Internet’

Australia Still A Potential ‘Enemy Of The Internet’

Australia hasn’t yet seen a blogger die in custody (that was Bahrain) or had a major internet service provider deliberately redirect users onto pages featuring malware (that was Belarus). However, internet censorship rules still see Australia featuring on the ‘Enemies Of The Internet’ list of countries produced by Reporters Without Borders.

Australia is listed as “under surveilance” by the organisation because of the voluntary filtering system used by some major ISPs and government ambitions to eventually extend that model:

Australia has yet to scrap its national filtering system, despite waning support and the fact that the type of content it is designed to cover may change.

The organisation also highlights recent suggestions that media regulation should be extended to bloggers as a move that ” could turn out to be dangerous for freedom of information in the blogosphere”.

Reporters Without Borders [via BBC News]


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